Character Creation

Follow character Creation in the World of Darkness Rule book except as follows.

no younger then 18, no older then 35

A solid backstory reason is needed for anything above 3 dots.
Occult can not be bought above 1 dot. your character general unfamiliarity with all things mystical and strange is a plot point.

All characters will start with unseen senses merit for free.
no fighting styles over 2 dots.
merits like parkour and new identity which are from books associated with other supernaturals are available provided you ask first.


  • your character need not be a student, all you need is a reason to live locally. the town has a university which will have story impact but it is not a university centric game.
  • any contact with supernatural stuff in background is mysterious and nebulous. you can’t outright say you encountered a vampire for example, but you can talk to a strange encounter you had in the past.

Character Creation

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